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Leadership Council Minutes From Meeting on March 7, 2020

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met at Unity Christian Church with six members present:  Elder James Banks, Elder Tom Barbee, Elder Judy Greer, Rev. Chuck Holton, Rev. Lynn Maxwell and Secretary Danny Bailey. 

The meeting was opened with prayer by Chuck, and with Lynn sharing a devotional on ‘Fulfilling Our Purpose’. Lynn taught that a human not accomplishing what God created him for is much like a pen lying on a desk.  Until someone picks it up and starts writing with it, it is useless.  Only by applying ourselves to the Work God has set before us in His Word, can a human be fulfilled and content with his life on Earth.

  1. Secretary Danny Bailey presented the Minutes from the last Council Meeting which were approved as read.
  2. Rev. Betty Stowe provided a financial summary report to Lynn of activity from January 11, 2020 to March 7, 2020 which was entered into the record.    
  3. The next topic for discussion was developing an itinerary  for our Spring Seminars to be held at Pleasant Hill Christian Church on May 2, 2020.  We agreed upon the following:

                  a.  Registration (by PHCC):                9:00 –  9:30 AM

                  b.  Opening / Welcome:                      9:30 – 10:30

                              Music /

                              Speaker: Rick Grace

                              from DHF Decatur, IL

                  c.  Breakout for Seminars:                  10:30 -10:40

                  d.  Seminars Begin:                             10:40

                  e.  Seminars Conclude:                       11:35

                  f.  Short Break:                                   11:35 – 11:45

                  f.  Closing Assembly / Communion:   11:45 – 12:00

                  g.  Lunch:                                            12:00 – until

4.   The topics of the two Seminars will be:

a. “Human Trafficking” presented by Tricia Brien of True Justice International which is a nonprofit that works to fight human trafficking in our local and global communities through Christ centered strategies and initiatives with the goal to reach, raise up and restore victims of human trafficking.  Council Members agreed to reimburse Ms. Brien for travel mileage, and a $150 speaking fee. DHF of NC member churches are also encouraged to support True Justice International with donations.   

b.  “A Brief Overview of Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Disorders and Treatment Implications” by Cindy Thomas (MSW, LCSW-A, LCAS-A, CMC).  North Carolina has a population of approximately 9.9 million people, making it the 10th most populated state in the nation.  Close to 3.9% of adults in North Carolina (according to SAMHSA) live with serious mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression.  The purpose of this seminar is to inform individuals of commonly occurring mental health diagnoses, common substance use disorders, the symptoms and treatment implications of each, as well as community resources available to family members.  A knowledge and understanding of treatment considerations can connect those in need with treatment, resources, and services to begin and stay on their recovery journey.

5.   Rev. Chuck Holton offered to provide activities for Kindergarten age youth and up including music and teaching.  Lynn and Judy volunteered PHCC to provide a Nursery for younger children.    

6.   Lunch will be coordinated by PHCC with chicken, barbecue, sides and banana pudding catered from King’s Restaurant.  Other desserts will be furnished by PHCC ladies. 

7.  Rick Grace will be traveling from Decatur, Illinois to attend our event, and will be preaching at First Christian Church Richlands, or PHCC, on May 3.  He also would like to meet for breakfast with DHF of NC Ministers on Monday, May 4.  Lynn will coordinate the breakfast time and place, and notify the respective ministers.  Council members agreed to reimburse Rick his travel / lodging expenses, and a $150 honorarium for speaking.

8.  Tom Barbee suggested handouts from both Seminar speakers since attendees can only attend one.  This information would also be useful to include with flyers and newspaper ads if acquired in time.

9.  Lynn asked Council  members to pass back to their home churches that the number of adults and children (above and below kindergarten age) planning to attend needs to be relayed back to PHCC NLT April 27 to allow for timely food ordering.  Also needed is which Seminar the adults would like to attend.  

10.  We were dismissed with prayer by Elder Judy Greer.

Respectfully submitted,

Danny Bailey, Secretary

Attachment A            

A Brief Overview of Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Disorders and Treatment Implications

Cindy Thomas, MSW, LCSW-A, LCAS-A, CMC

Cindy Thomas is an associate level Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an associate level Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist. She is also certified as a Clinical Military Counselor.  Cindy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Campbell University, and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from East Carolina University.  Cindy is currently working towards her Doctorate of Education in Trauma and Crisis Counseling at Liberty University.  She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, as well as the Association of Addiction Professionals.  Cindy currently serves as a Mobile Crisis Responder and an Outpatient Therapist for Integrated Family Services in Onslow County. 

DHF of NC Minutes of Leadership Council Meeting on Jan. 11, 2020

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met at First Christian Church Richlands with ten members present:  Elder Keith Metts,  Elder James Banks, Elder Tom Barbee, Rev. Roger Nobles, Elder Judy Greer, Rev. Kenny Connor, Rev. Chuck Holton, Rev. Lynn Maxwell, Rev. Betty Stowe, Rev. Ray Randall, and Secretary Danny Bailey. 

The meeting was opened by Lynn sharing a devotional on ‘light’ in many ways in Scripture being synonymous with life.  Light is equated with life, and darkness with death.  The light of Christ is required for our spiritual life, and we are called to be, and to share, that light of Christ

1. Secretary Danny Bailey presented the Minutes from the last Council Meeting which were approved as read.

2. Rev. Betty Stowe provided a financial summary report of 2019 activity, and a detailed accounting of deposits and expenditures from our July 2019 meeting to our November 2019 meeting which was cancelled. 

3. Lynn introduced new Council members Rev. Chuck Holton – Unity Christian Church, Elder Judy Greer – Pleasant Hill Christian Church,  Rev. Roger Nobles – Tuckahoe Christian Church, Elder James Banks – Amity Christian Church, and announced that Judy Rose has volunteered to replace Rev. Betty Stowe as Treasurer.  Also, Rev. Roger Nobles volunteered to serve as Council Vice Leader.  These additions were unanimously approved by the Council.

4. The next topic for discussion was our last Gathering held on September 21, 2019, and ideas for ways to improve attendance and effectiveness.  Lynn reported that 93 people had been in attendance, and Betty gave details of the cost.  It was noted that many folks left after the meal and missed Wayne Kent’s afternoon presentation, and Leslie sharing with us her ministry to Death Row inmates in prisons, and her beautiful singing.  Several ideas to improve the Gathering were offered including:

A.  Chuck said he had noticed there were no young families in attendance, and we may need to consider offering child care.

B.  Tom told us how popular ‘lock-ins’ are with the young folks at Richlands, and suggested maybe a Fellowship wide ‘lock in’ the night before or after the Gathering.

C.  Discussion then gravitated towards modifying the actual structure of the Gathering agenda by possibly opening with a short service with music and a message, then breaking out into two seminar type sessions led by volunteers from member churches or by experts in topics such as human trafficking or mental health.  After these sessions attendees would return to the Sanctuary for a short closing message, music and Communion.  Lunch would follow with attendees departing after lunch.  Judy Greer offered to contact a speaker she knows who works combating human trafficking, and Lynn will ask his daughter about speaking on mental health. 

D.  The speaker for the opening and closing sessions could be Rick Grace of DHF Decatur since he has expressed a desire to visit DHF of NC.  Lynn will pursue this possibility

5. The tentative date for the Spring Gathering was set for May 2, 2020.

6. Council members were asked to seek input from their home churches on a way to meet together with the purpose of fellowship and sharing successful efforts with each other. 

7. Our next meeting will be held 10:00 AM, March 7, 2020 at Unity Christian Church.  We were dismissed with prayer by Rev. Kenny Connor.

Respectfully submitted,

Danny Bailey, Secretary

DHF of NC Fall Gathering, Sep. 21, 2019

Please join us for our Fall Gathering at FCC Richlands, NC for a good time of preaching, singing, food, and fellowship. This year we are featuring Rev. Wayne Kent from FCC Decatur, Ill. who will bring two messages; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The Gospel group, Steps To Glory will sing for us in the morning session, and Mrs. Leslie Kent will be singing in the afternoon session. DHF of NC Churches may register with their local churches or online. We invite anyone who would like to enjoy a great time of sharing in the Lord to register online. We ask that everyone please register NLT Mon. Sep. 16th so we can make final arrangements for the food. Please see the below Poster.


Minutes of Leadership Council Meeting – July 20, 2019

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met at Tuckahoe Christian Church with four members present:  Keith Metts,  Robert Reynolds, Rev. Kenny Connor and Rev. Lynn Maxwell; and Secretary Danny Bailey.  Jonathan Adkins of FCC Richlands attended as a guest to report on the “Wrapped in Love” Ministry.

The meeting was opened by Secretary Danny Bailey sharing a devotional from 2 Timothy 3:5 which explained the dangers of following religious leaders of the Last Days who observe an outward form of godliness, but deny the mighty power of God in literal creation as well as the great worldwide miracles of the Bible – the Flood, the dispersion, etc.  This prophesy from Paul contains a warning urgently needed by Bible believing Christians   who are under pressure today to compromise with humanistic liberals on this great doctrine of God’s creative power.

  1.  Secretary Danny Bailey presented the Minutes from the last Council Meeting which were approved as read.

  2. Rev. Lynn Maxwell provided a financial report provided by Mrs. Betty Stowe.  The report provided the financial activity from May 4, 2019 to our meeting today on July 20, 2019.

  3.  Lynn introduced Jonathan Adkins who gave us a summary of “Wrapped in Love’s” contributions to the community’s recovery after Hurricane Florence last September.  This ministry, which DHF of NC supports financially helped a total of 73 households by:

    1. Removing trees and debris from roofs

    2. Installing tarps over holes in those roofs to prevent further water damage

    3. Also removed downed trees from yards that were blocking access

    4. Worked 2 1/2 months 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM to accomplish the above

  4. When asked by the Council what were “Wrapped in Love’s” requirements that need to be met to be able to respond to another Hurricane this summer, if there is one, Jonathan reported:

    1. More short term volunteers immediately after a Hurricane

    2. Funding to stockpile a larger amount of tarps

    3. Funding to purchase rooftop safety equipment (harnesses, ropes, etc.)

    4. Funding to replace saw chains and accomplish maintenance on other equipment

  5. Lynn asked Jonathon to calculate a total cost to accomplish the ‘funding’ items above and DHF of NC would consider a donation to put “Wrapped in Love” back in a ready to respond status.  Jonathan agreed to provide this estimate to Council members by e-mail.

  6. DHF of NC Scholarship Fund:  Betty, who could not attend today’s meeting, had previously forwarded to Lynn a draft Disciple Heritage Fellowship of North Carolina Scholarship Guidelines for Continuing Education and a draft  Disciple Heritage Fellowship of North Carolina Scholarship Application Form with the changes recommended during our last Council meeting incorporated.  Lynn presented both of those documents to the Council which found no need for further changes.  Robert Reynolds moved that we adopt both documents with an effective date of July 20, 2019.  Keith Metts seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.

  7. Fall Gathering:  We began planning for our Fall Gathering with discussion of possible dates.  September 21 was picked as our primary, with September 7 as backup, and FCC Richlands as the location.  Potential speakers and musical groups were discussed.  Lynn agreed to contact DHF Decatur and ask if Wayne Kent, Rick Grace or another speaker from DHF Decatur could attend.  Jonathan suggested we may attract more younger attendees if we enlist a contemporary music group, and he volunteered his wife Mallory to contact some of those.  Lynn volunteered to contact ‘Steps to Glory’ and see if they are available.  The food will be catered by Piggly Wiggly again, and the ladies of member churches will be asked to furnish desserts.  Times, agenda and other details will be confirmed at our next meeting, or by email prior to September 21.

  8. Lynn requested all attendees to ask their home churches for ideas to further build fellowship, or of ways DHF of NC could better serve member churches.  Possibly Men’s and Women’s Fellowship groups that could rotate meetings at member churches to seek ministries that could be served.  Lynn also asked attendees to report the work of “Wrapped in Love” to their respective churches, and ask for volunteers to sign up to serve right after the next Hurricane.  Johnathan Adkins said he would be glad to visit Churches to speak about Wrapped In Love.

  9. Our next meeting, if needed, will be August 17, 10:00 AM at Pleasant Hill Christian Church.  We were dismissed with prayer by Rev. Kenny Connor.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Danny Bailey, Secretary



Minutes of DHF of NC Leadership Council – May 4, 2019

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met at Amity Christian Church with seven members present:  Judy Rose, Keith Metts, Rev. Betty Stowe, Robert Reynolds, Rev. Ray Randall, Rev. Kenny Connor and Rev. Lynn Maxwell.

The meeting was opened by Pastor Lynn Maxwell sharing a devotional explaining we humans’ deep seated longing for fellowship with God, much as a swimmer when holding his breath under water for a long time, becomes more and more compelled to surface and breathe.  Lynn explained that as God’s creations, humans are never fully complete, and suffer a deep seated emptiness, without God in their lives.

  1. Secretary Danny Bailey presented the Minutes from the last Council Meeting which were approved as read.

  1. Lynn opened our next Agenda item: finalization of plans for our Spring Seminar scheduled for May 18th.

    1. Schedule – will remain as stated on the Flyer currently posted on the DHF of NC website.

    2. Registration – to be accomplished by Tuckahoe Christian Church

    3. Food – To be catered by Piggly Wiggly (including desserts)

    4. Advertising – Robert Reynolds will place ads in New Bern, Kinston and Jacksonville newspapers. Danny Bailey will place an ad in the Pamlico County Compass newspaper.

    5. Outreach to Other Churches – Local DHF of NC churches were asked to distribute the Seminar flyers to their neighbor churches.

    6. Other issues related to Seminar – Danny announced that due to a long scheduled (and paid for) vacation he, with many regrets, will not be here to hear David Rives.  He asked Lynn and Betty Stowe to act as David’s POC’s for his visit and they agreed.  He will pass all their contact data to David Rives Booking.

  1. DHF of NC Scholarship Fund: Betty provided attendees with a copy of Unity Christian Church’s Scholarship Guidelines that she had modified for possible use by DHF of NC.  A discussion ensued with pencil changes being made to ensure that an applicant is a member of a DHF of NC church, and additions to the final page of the application to collect the name of the recommending church, and the signature of its Pastor.  Betty agreed to modify the document as discussed, and forward it to Council members by e-mail for concurrence and approval.

  1. DHF Assembly in Illinois – Betty reported that a member from Unity had attended, and reported that the music was great, the sessions were interesting and informative, and was well worth the trip.

  1. Lynn asked all attendees to seek and pray for ways to spread the message about DHF of NC to other churches throughout the state. Several ideas were discussed, but there were no ‘Eureka!’ moments.  This agenda topic will be discussed in each subsequent Council meeting, so keep searching.  Our meeting was closed in prayer by Rev. Ray Randall.

Respectfully submitted,

Danny Bailey, Secretary

DHF of NC Presents David Rives Ministries – May 18, 2019

Disciple Heritage Fellowship (DHF of NC) Presents:

David Rives Ministries

May 18, 2019

First Christian Church, 124 Trott Rd., Richlands, N.C.  28574

David’s documented field experience in astronomy, paleontology and archaeology has made him an in-demand speaker with expert knowledge and his powerful and inspirational delivery makes learning about Bible history and science fun and easy for audiences of all ages. David’s weekly TV show “Creation in the 21st Century” airs to millions globally on TBN. He is a weekly news columnist on science and the Bible, and is author of the books “Wonders Without Number” and “Bible Knows Best.” Featured on the History Channel, and heard on talk radio, David’s exciting life and world travels are documented on his ministries’ active Facebook page.

Morning Seminar #1Bible Knows Best– Hidden Gems of Astoundingly Good Science and Sound Advice in the Scriptures. This seminar covers  the remarkable migration of the Arctic Tern, the Paths of the Sea, germ theory, the stretching of the heavens, complexity of DNA, dinosaurs in the Bible, and more.

 Afternoon Seminar #2Exploring God’s Creation– From the Dead Sea Scrolls to clams in Kansas, Global Biblical proofs through exploration. Through photos and video, travel to sites with David and learn of caves and cavemen, historical research in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Qumran, and dinosaur paleontological excavations that document the global flood.

 Register Online at:



9:00 a.m.   – Registration

9:30 a.m.   – Welcome/Prayer

                         Seminar #1

11:30 a.m. – Lunch/fellowship

12:45 p.m. –   Seminar #2

3:00 p.m.   – Closing Prayer/Dismissal



 Enjoy the fellowship with

other Christians across N.C.

during our luncheon.











Minutes from Leadership Council Meeting on Feb. 16,2019

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met at First Christian Church Richlands with six members present:  Judy Rose, Rev. Betty Stowe, Robert Reynolds, Ray Randall, Rev. Kenny Connor and Rev. Lynn Maxwell.

The meeting was opened by Pastor Kenny Connor sharing a devotional emphasizing the need for having a response to temptation in place before the temptation occurs.  “If you ignore the rain, you may get wet….if you ignore God, you may wish you were wet!”  He used Joseph as an example of having an “escape plan” when he ran from Potifer’s wife leaving her holding his coat in her hand.

1.  Rev. Lynn Maxwell presented the Minutes from the last Council Meeting which were approved as read.

2.  Betty Stowe, Treasurer, provided a financial summary for calendar year 2018.

3.  Robert Reynolds opened the discussion with a request for nominations for a Council Leader. Pastor Kenny Connor nominated Rev. Lynn Maxwell, and Judy Rose seconded the nomination.  The vote was unanimous to accept Lynn as our new Council Leader.

4.  Lynn presented a list of recipients of Hurricane Florence relief funds from DHF of NC, and read thank you cards they had sent.  First Christian Church Decatur, Illinois sent a donation of $2,500 after Hurricane Florence that was used to help five families.  Bridgeton Christian Church was mentioned as possibly still needing assistance to fully recover.  Betty will check with Bridgeton Christian for their current status, and Lynn will try to contact their Pastor to offer to bring a DHF of NC presentation.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to pre-authorize Betty to donate up to $1,000 to Bridgeton Christian Church for flooding repairs if needed.

5  Betty reported that a member of Unity CC had suffered substantial flooding during Hurricane Florence, and was still struggling to complete home repairs. The Council agreed to send that member a $500 donation from DHF of NC funds.

6.  Lynn announced that Tuckahoe Christian Church is hosting a “Love and Respect” conference March 8th and 9th, and encouraged attendees to spread the word to their respective churches.

7.  Plan for 2019: Ideas were offered and discussed for possible ways to further the effectiveness of DHF of NC in 2019.  Some items discussed were seminars as follows:

  1. How and where to seek help after a natural disaster

  2. How and where to seek help for drug addiction

  3. Training on “Managing Your Money in a Godly Manner”
  4. Creationism in 21st Century IF it’s not too late to schedule David Rives to come speak in April or May. Danny will contact David Rives Ministries.Fall Gathering – We will ask Wayne Kent again to speak (he was scheduled last Fall but the Gathering was cancelled due to Hurricane Florence).


8,  DHF of NC Scholarship Fund: Betty furnished a copy of Unity Christian Church’s plan for Scholarships and explained its particulars.  Lynn asked Betty if she would revise the plan to apply to the Council’s desire to initiate a DHF of NC Scholarship Program for Seminary students.  Betty agreed and will provide a draft to the Council which will serve as a starting point.

9  Lynn asked all the attendees to encourage folks from their respective churches to attend the DHF National Conference April 5&6 at First Christian Church in Decatur, Illinois. Our meeting was closed in prayer by Lynn Maxwell.

Respectfully submitted,

Danny Bailey, Secretary



Love & Respect



What is Love and Respect?

We believe love best motivates a woman and respect most powerfully motivates a man. Research reveals that during marital conflict a husband often reacts unlovingly when feeling disrespected, and a wife reacts disrespectfully when feeling unloved.  We asked 7,000 people the question, “When you are in a conflict with your spouse or significant other, do you feel unloved or disrespected?”  83% of the men said “disrespected” and 72% of the women said “unloved.”  Though we all need love and respect equally, the felt need differs during conflict, and this difference is as different as pink is from blue!

-Dr. Emerson Eggerichs


Tuckahoe Christian Church is hosting a LOVE & RESPECT Conference and would like to invite you to attend.  We believe that in order to strengthen families we need to strengthen marriages and this is a good first step in doing that.  No matter if you have been married 2 years or 60 years this is a great,  resource to help enhance your marriage.  It is also great for singles who are thinking of becoming married in the future.  This event takes up one evening and one morning.  To enjoy the full benefit you will need to attend both sessions. You will not regret it!                             ‘

Date: March 8th from 6pm~9pm


March 9th‘ from 9am – 2pm

(Light breakfast and lunch will be provided)

Location: Tuckahoe Christian Church

6212 NC Hwy 41 west
Trenton. NC 28585

Cost: $15 per person for the workbook

To REGISTER or if you will need babysitter service for your kids in order to attend please contact

Gena Torrence at 910-934-2006.