Minutes of Jan. 16th, 2021 Leadership Council ZOOM Meeting

The DHF of NC held a ZOOM meeting on January 16, 2021, with Reverend Lynn Maxwell presiding. Eight attendees participated in the discussions:

Reverend Lynn Maxwell – Pleasant Hill Christian Church Reverend Roger Noble – Tuckahoe Christian Church Judy Greer – Pleasant Hill Christian Church

Tommy Barbee – First Christian Church Richlands Reverend Jack Mumford – Otway Christian Church Judy Rose – Otway Christian Church

Reverend Kim Holly – LaGrange Christian Church Reverend Kenny Connor – Amity Christian Church

Reverend Maxwell welcomed everyone to our 1st ZOOM meeting. Reverend Roger Noble presented the morning devotion taken from I Thessalonians 5:11 which reads:

”Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you are doing.”

Reverend Noble read several other scriptures that were found throughout the Bible to encourage us as we deal with COVID-19. We were then led in prayer by Reverend Maxwell.

Financial Report was prepared by Reverend Betty Stowe for the year 2020. Reverend Maxwell presented the report to the group. Report is attached. Reverend Maxwell reported that the tithe to DHF had been sent.

Reverend Maxwell asked the group if we were getting our emails from Rick Grace. The upcoming leadership conversation by DHF is entitled “Managing Stress in a Ministry Marriage”. Most of attendees said they were receiving the emails.

Reverend Kimberly Holly reported to us that she was Board Chair for Disciple Heritage Fellowship out of Decatur, Illinois.

Reverend Maxwell asked the group to discuss COVID impacts on our individual church.

  • Reverend Kenny Connor – Amity Christian Church

He reported his church went to ZOOM services, but they were now back to in­ person services.

  • He said they have a screen in the fellowship hall that a small group watch if they don’t want to go into the sanctuary.
    • He said about 30 people attend the services. He said 6-7 children go up for the children’s message.
    • He reported they were not currently having Sunday School, but felt like the church was going strong overall.
  • Reverend Jack Mumford – Otway Christian Church

Said his church was basically the same as above, but they were having Sunday School and Children’s Church.

  • He reported there had been no COVID cases in the church.
  • Reverend Kimberly Holly- LaGrange Christian Church
    • She reported they were having in-person worship services
    • Only one person currently had had COVID in the church
    • Attendance had been pretty good
    • They are not having Sunday School but CWF is meeting.
    • On Mondays she sends out a written copy of the sermon to those who do not attend.
  • Tommy Barbee – First Christian Church Richlands Reported they had drive-in services most of last year

In October & November they moved back into sanctuary, but at Governor’s order they went to social media services. They are going to decide from month to month what they will do concerning worship service.

He reported that CWF and CMF have suspended their meetings.

He stated that the church offerings seem to be about the same according to the financial reports.

He reported that the pastor (Reverend Mark) suggested the church give an Ice Cream social to 1st responders, which turned out to be very successful.

  • Reverend Roger Noble – Tuckahoe Christian Church

He reported his church was out 4 Sundays when the Governor issued 1st order. He said they were back in church the Sunday after Easter and had been ever since.

He said there had been no cases of COVID in the church-only extended family members.

He said the church was doing good overall.

  • Reverend Lynn Maxwell – Pleasant Hill Christian Church

He reported Pleasant Hill started doing drive-in services after the Governor’s 1st order, but were now having in-person services using our newly renovated fellowship hall, upstairs old kitchen, and the sanctuary. Using these 3 facilities, we are able to social distance.

Our attendance is between 40-50 people.

We provide masks and hand sanitizer each Sunday.

We have no singing from the congregation. He reported we do have special singing from individuals in church or special piano music.

  • We also have communion from communion packets already prepared.
  • Reverend Maxwell also reported that he does a live FACEBOOK service that many people watch.
  • Our church continues to have CWF and CMF meetings, but we do not have Sunday School.
  • He reported some of our members had been diagnosed with COVID, but we have had only one death due to COVID.

Some of our DHF attendees reported they were having singing in their church and some said they were doing in-home visits.

Reverend Maxwell asked the group if they had any strategies to share with all of us that were working well in their church:

  • Reverend Kenny Connor reported that his people really appreciated the Bible verses that were put up on the screen correlating with his sermons.
  • Judy Greer reported that Pleasant Hill Christian Church really enjoyed the outside “Hanging of the Greens” and “Christmom” program prepared by our Youth Directors and presented by our youth at Christmas.

Reverend Jack Mumford asked if anyone was thinking about having Ash Wednesday services this year. He said his church were planning to do two services.

Reverend Kim Holly reported her church was having Ash Wednesday services -possibly two services.

Reverend Maxwell asked for us to share any ideas we had to expand ministry outreach during this difficult time.

  • Reverend Holly reported we were all struggling with this issue.
  • Reverend Jack Mumford said we need to keep messages on our outside signs.
  • Tommy Barbee said it was a constant struggle, but we need to keep name of Jesus in our community.
  • Reverend Holly stated that she knew First Christian Church Richlands was sending out “goody bags” to the youth and elderly.
  • Reverend Maxwell said to keep doing live FACEBOOK services.

Reverend Maxwell asked if we thought the ministers should meet more often?

  • Reverend Kenny Connor thought we should meet as often as we could.
  • Reverend Maxwell said to think about it and send him an email.

Reverend Maxwell asked if we were watching for signs of stress during this time and how were we handling it?

  • Majority agreed we should “cut the news off and don’t watch it-it’s depressing”.

Reverend Jack Mumford reported he had been holding funerals in the church. Reverend Maxwell reported all his funerals had been graveside services.

Reverend Maxwell asked how we could support one another better during this time of COVID-19:

  • On national level, Tommy Barbee reported the DHF was keeping us informed.

Reverend Maxwell asked would it help for leadership council to meet more often via ZOOM meetings? It was decided we would meeting again in March. Reverend Maxwell will send us a notification.

The consensus of the group was that financially our churches seem to be in good shape. It was noted that some of the smaller churches may need some help.

Reverend Holly stated that there was a book written by Thom Rainer entitled, ”The Post­ Quarantine Church” that contained a lot of good information.

Reverend Maxwell asked if there was anything on anybody’s mind that they wanted to share with the group?

  • Reverend Kim Holly thanked us for letting her join our meeting today.

The meeting ended with a prayer by Reverend Jack Mumford.

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