Welcome to DHF of NC.  We are a conservative fellowship of Campbell-Stone churches established in Nov. 2014.  Our purpose is to establish a Christian fellowship of conservative churches based on the authority of the Holy Scriptures, for the purpose of supporting and strengthening the local church through fellowship, collaboration on ministry programs, Spiritual enrichment and shared ministry among the churches, and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The roots of this fellowship are in the Campbell-Stone movement with its focus on the inspiration and authority of the Bible, the saving power of Jesus Christ and the importance of recovering the dynamics of the New Testament church in today’s experience. The fellowship consists of congregations and individuals who choose to freely associate together as guided by the shared beliefs established by the fellowship. This association is free and voluntary and is entered into by a vote of the congregation and completing a Church Membership Agreement form. Individuals may also enter the Fellowship by completing and signing an Individual Membership Agreement form.  We welcome churches and individuals who share the New Testament faith and desire to be faithful to the whole council of God as taught in the Holy Scriptures.