Statement of Identity

Disciple Heritage Fellowship of N.C.

IDENTITY:  The Disciple Heritage Fellowship of North Carolina (DHF of NC) is a fellowship of conservative Church congregations and individuals with its roots in the Campbell-Stone movement.  We are an affiliate of Disciple Heritage Fellowship (DHF) based in Lovington, Illinois.  DHF supports member churches throughout the United States.

Thomas and Alexander Campbell, Barton W. Stone and others established a movement in the early part of the 19th century dedicated to the purpose of restoring the church it its New Testament biblical foundation under the authority of the New Testament Scriptures.  The Bible is the church’s highest authority in all matters of doctrine and conduct.

The Disciple Heritage Fellowship of North Carolina fully identifies with and proclaims the biblical authority of Holy Scriptures. Local congregations are free and autonomous from any church hierarchy beyond the local Elders and leaders, but under obligation to organize the church around New Testament teachings and practices.


STATEMENT OF FAITH:  We, the members of the Disciples Heritage Fellowship of North Carolina, believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God as stated in Matthew 16:16.  Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the world and apart from Him there is no salvation (John 14:6).  We believe the Bible to be God’s true word (2nd Timothy 3:16).  Through Baptism into Christ we celebrate the forgiveness of sin and the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).  We believe that through the Holy Communion of our Lord and Savior we celebrate the new covenant in His blood (Luke 22:14-20).  At His table we celebrate the presence of the living Christ.  We are called to go into all the world and make Disciples of every nation (Matthew 28:20).


PURPOSE:  The purpose of Disciple Heritage Fellowship of North Carolina is to provide a Christian fellowship of conservative churches based on the authority of the Holy Scripture, for the purpose of supporting and strengthening the local church through fellowship, collaboration on ministry programs, Spiritual enrichment and shared ministry among churches and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   The primary goal of the church is to evangelize the world, winning the lost to saving faith in Jesus Christ.  In order to fulfill its purpose, the church must be united around a common faith in Jesus Christ as He is revealed in Holy Scripture.  We welcome churches and individuals who share the New Testament faith and desire to be faithful to the whole council of God’s Holy Spirit as taught in the Holy Scripture.  Within this framework, we seek to be a resource promoting spiritual health and positive directions for local churches, pastors, and lay leaders.

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