Leadership Council Minutes From Meeting on March 7, 2020

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met at Unity Christian Church with six members present:  Elder James Banks, Elder Tom Barbee, Elder Judy Greer, Rev. Chuck Holton, Rev. Lynn Maxwell and Secretary Danny Bailey. 

The meeting was opened with prayer by Chuck, and with Lynn sharing a devotional on ‘Fulfilling Our Purpose’. Lynn taught that a human not accomplishing what God created him for is much like a pen lying on a desk.  Until someone picks it up and starts writing with it, it is useless.  Only by applying ourselves to the Work God has set before us in His Word, can a human be fulfilled and content with his life on Earth.

  1. Secretary Danny Bailey presented the Minutes from the last Council Meeting which were approved as read.
  2. Rev. Betty Stowe provided a financial summary report to Lynn of activity from January 11, 2020 to March 7, 2020 which was entered into the record.    
  3. The next topic for discussion was developing an itinerary  for our Spring Seminars to be held at Pleasant Hill Christian Church on May 2, 2020.  We agreed upon the following:

                  a.  Registration (by PHCC):                9:00 –  9:30 AM

                  b.  Opening / Welcome:                      9:30 – 10:30

                              Music /

                              Speaker: Rick Grace

                              from DHF Decatur, IL

                  c.  Breakout for Seminars:                  10:30 -10:40

                  d.  Seminars Begin:                             10:40

                  e.  Seminars Conclude:                       11:35

                  f.  Short Break:                                   11:35 – 11:45

                  f.  Closing Assembly / Communion:   11:45 – 12:00

                  g.  Lunch:                                            12:00 – until

4.   The topics of the two Seminars will be:

a. “Human Trafficking” presented by Tricia Brien of True Justice International which is a nonprofit that works to fight human trafficking in our local and global communities through Christ centered strategies and initiatives with the goal to reach, raise up and restore victims of human trafficking.  Council Members agreed to reimburse Ms. Brien for travel mileage, and a $150 speaking fee. DHF of NC member churches are also encouraged to support True Justice International with donations.   

b.  “A Brief Overview of Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Disorders and Treatment Implications” by Cindy Thomas (MSW, LCSW-A, LCAS-A, CMC).  North Carolina has a population of approximately 9.9 million people, making it the 10th most populated state in the nation.  Close to 3.9% of adults in North Carolina (according to SAMHSA) live with serious mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression.  The purpose of this seminar is to inform individuals of commonly occurring mental health diagnoses, common substance use disorders, the symptoms and treatment implications of each, as well as community resources available to family members.  A knowledge and understanding of treatment considerations can connect those in need with treatment, resources, and services to begin and stay on their recovery journey.

5.   Rev. Chuck Holton offered to provide activities for Kindergarten age youth and up including music and teaching.  Lynn and Judy volunteered PHCC to provide a Nursery for younger children.    

6.   Lunch will be coordinated by PHCC with chicken, barbecue, sides and banana pudding catered from King’s Restaurant.  Other desserts will be furnished by PHCC ladies. 

7.  Rick Grace will be traveling from Decatur, Illinois to attend our event, and will be preaching at First Christian Church Richlands, or PHCC, on May 3.  He also would like to meet for breakfast with DHF of NC Ministers on Monday, May 4.  Lynn will coordinate the breakfast time and place, and notify the respective ministers.  Council members agreed to reimburse Rick his travel / lodging expenses, and a $150 honorarium for speaking.

8.  Tom Barbee suggested handouts from both Seminar speakers since attendees can only attend one.  This information would also be useful to include with flyers and newspaper ads if acquired in time.

9.  Lynn asked Council  members to pass back to their home churches that the number of adults and children (above and below kindergarten age) planning to attend needs to be relayed back to PHCC NLT April 27 to allow for timely food ordering.  Also needed is which Seminar the adults would like to attend.  

10.  We were dismissed with prayer by Elder Judy Greer.

Respectfully submitted,

Danny Bailey, Secretary

Attachment A            

A Brief Overview of Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Disorders and Treatment Implications

Cindy Thomas, MSW, LCSW-A, LCAS-A, CMC

Cindy Thomas is an associate level Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an associate level Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist. She is also certified as a Clinical Military Counselor.  Cindy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Campbell University, and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from East Carolina University.  Cindy is currently working towards her Doctorate of Education in Trauma and Crisis Counseling at Liberty University.  She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, as well as the Association of Addiction Professionals.  Cindy currently serves as a Mobile Crisis Responder and an Outpatient Therapist for Integrated Family Services in Onslow County. 

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