DHF of NC Minutes of Leadership Council Meeting on Jan. 11, 2020

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met at First Christian Church Richlands with ten members present:  Elder Keith Metts,  Elder James Banks, Elder Tom Barbee, Rev. Roger Nobles, Elder Judy Greer, Rev. Kenny Connor, Rev. Chuck Holton, Rev. Lynn Maxwell, Rev. Betty Stowe, Rev. Ray Randall, and Secretary Danny Bailey. 

The meeting was opened by Lynn sharing a devotional on ‘light’ in many ways in Scripture being synonymous with life.  Light is equated with life, and darkness with death.  The light of Christ is required for our spiritual life, and we are called to be, and to share, that light of Christ

1. Secretary Danny Bailey presented the Minutes from the last Council Meeting which were approved as read.

2. Rev. Betty Stowe provided a financial summary report of 2019 activity, and a detailed accounting of deposits and expenditures from our July 2019 meeting to our November 2019 meeting which was cancelled. 

3. Lynn introduced new Council members Rev. Chuck Holton – Unity Christian Church, Elder Judy Greer – Pleasant Hill Christian Church,  Rev. Roger Nobles – Tuckahoe Christian Church, Elder James Banks – Amity Christian Church, and announced that Judy Rose has volunteered to replace Rev. Betty Stowe as Treasurer.  Also, Rev. Roger Nobles volunteered to serve as Council Vice Leader.  These additions were unanimously approved by the Council.

4. The next topic for discussion was our last Gathering held on September 21, 2019, and ideas for ways to improve attendance and effectiveness.  Lynn reported that 93 people had been in attendance, and Betty gave details of the cost.  It was noted that many folks left after the meal and missed Wayne Kent’s afternoon presentation, and Leslie sharing with us her ministry to Death Row inmates in prisons, and her beautiful singing.  Several ideas to improve the Gathering were offered including:

A.  Chuck said he had noticed there were no young families in attendance, and we may need to consider offering child care.

B.  Tom told us how popular ‘lock-ins’ are with the young folks at Richlands, and suggested maybe a Fellowship wide ‘lock in’ the night before or after the Gathering.

C.  Discussion then gravitated towards modifying the actual structure of the Gathering agenda by possibly opening with a short service with music and a message, then breaking out into two seminar type sessions led by volunteers from member churches or by experts in topics such as human trafficking or mental health.  After these sessions attendees would return to the Sanctuary for a short closing message, music and Communion.  Lunch would follow with attendees departing after lunch.  Judy Greer offered to contact a speaker she knows who works combating human trafficking, and Lynn will ask his daughter about speaking on mental health. 

D.  The speaker for the opening and closing sessions could be Rick Grace of DHF Decatur since he has expressed a desire to visit DHF of NC.  Lynn will pursue this possibility

5. The tentative date for the Spring Gathering was set for May 2, 2020.

6. Council members were asked to seek input from their home churches on a way to meet together with the purpose of fellowship and sharing successful efforts with each other. 

7. Our next meeting will be held 10:00 AM, March 7, 2020 at Unity Christian Church.  We were dismissed with prayer by Rev. Kenny Connor.

Respectfully submitted,

Danny Bailey, Secretary

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