DHF of NC Leadership Council Meeting – 2/19/2022

The DHF of NC held its council meeting on Saturday, February 19,2022 , with Reverend Lynn Maxwell presiding. Those attending were:

Reverend Lynn Maxwell — Pleasant Hill Christian Church
Russell Metts — Tuckahoe Christian Church
Tommy Barbee -  First Christian Church Richlands
Reverend Kim Holley — LaGrange Christian Church
Jeremy Holley — LaGrange Christian Church'
James Banks — Amity Christian Church
Steve Rogers — First Christian Church Richlands 
Judy Rose — Otway Christian Church (Treasurer)
Martin Rose — Otway Christian Church
Judy Greer — Pleasant Hill Christian Church (Secretary)
Edward Williams — First Christian Church Richlands

Lynn Maxwell welcomed everyone to our meeting and inspired us with a devotion from Psalm 139 stressing that God knows us completely. His Presence is always with us and noted that only He can guard our hearts and mind. He ended his devotion with prayer.

Lynn welcomed our new council members: Russell Metts from Tuckahoe CC and Steve Rogers from First Christian Church Richlands.

Lynn Maxwell was nominated by Steve Rogers to be our new Council Leader this year. Tommy Barbee was nominated by Judy Rose to be our Vice-Council Leader. Both men accepted their respective office.

Judy Greer read the minutes from "The Gathering" meeting that was held on September 18, 2021 at Pleasant Hill Christian Church. The minutes were approved as read.

A financial report was by Judy Rose.

Old Business:

•	Review of Fall Gathering — Comments:
	Great format
-	People liked idea of having everything finished by lunch
-	Good turnout in spite of COVID
-	Music was uplifting
-	Speaker, Reverend Michael Ten Eyck did a great job
-	Food was great
-	Desserts provided by Pleasant Hill Christian Church were delicious

New Business

•	Plans Discussed for Spring Seminars:	 
•	Lynn reviewed our March 2021 previous plans before COVID cancelled them out.   Everyone agreed on the following schedule:

9:00   -   9:30      Registration
9:30   -   9:40      Welcome — Opening Prayer — Opening Hymn
9:40   -   10:00     Update on DHF — Reverend Kim Holley
10:00  -  10:15      Break
10:15  -  11:00      Seminar A
11:00  -  11:15      Break
11:15  -  12:00      Seminar B
12:00	           Lunch

(DHF of NC  will pay for lunch)

•	Two possible dates and locations were discussed depending on availability of speakers for the seminars:
 April 9, 2022 — First Christian Church Richlands
 April 23, 2022 – Otway Christian Church

-	At first we decided to have a speaker on “Human Trafficking” and a speaker on “Overview of Mental Health/Substance Abuse Disorders and Treatment Implications,” but after much discussion we decided all the churches needed to have a speaker on “How to Draw People back to Church.”  So, we decided to reschedule the “Human Trafficking” seminar for another time.  

-	Kim Holley will search for a speaker for the latter seminar.  She also encouraged others to try to find one also.

•	Kim Holley announced the DHF 2022 National Conference was going to be Thursday, April 2829, 2022. She encouraged everyone to attend. She informed us that scholarships were available to pay for people to go to the conference. It is $85/person and $135/couple plus hotel expenses.  Lynn also informed us that DHF of NC would also cover expenses for anyone who wanted to attend.

•	Jeremy Holley gave us an update report on 'Wrapped In Love" ministry:
o	He stated the trailer does have some new equipment
o	They still need to buy more stuff
o	They currently have a balance in their treasury of $2,077.00, which will be depleted when they get the rest of their equipment.
o	They may need to have a fundraiser
o	Jeremy stated that they had already done a mission in Richlands.

•	Jeremy Holley announced the LaGrange Chili Fest on March 26, 2022 from 10:00 until 3:00 at the LaGrange Town Park—Free Admission--$5.00 unlimited chili samples.  There will be gospel music all day featuring: The Hoppers, King's Grace, Steps to Glory, Area 33:3, and Richlands Male Chorus. Proceeds benefit the Boy Scouts of America Troop 114.

•	Lynn Maxwell thanked everyone for attending the council meeting.

•	Russell Metts dismissed us with prayer.

                                    Respectfully Submitted,

                                    Judy Greer - Secretary

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