Minutes of Leadership Council Meeting – July 20, 2019

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met at Tuckahoe Christian Church with four members present:  Keith Metts,  Robert Reynolds, Rev. Kenny Connor and Rev. Lynn Maxwell; and Secretary Danny Bailey.  Jonathan Adkins of FCC Richlands attended as a guest to report on the “Wrapped in Love” Ministry.

The meeting was opened by Secretary Danny Bailey sharing a devotional from 2 Timothy 3:5 which explained the dangers of following religious leaders of the Last Days who observe an outward form of godliness, but deny the mighty power of God in literal creation as well as the great worldwide miracles of the Bible – the Flood, the dispersion, etc.  This prophesy from Paul contains a warning urgently needed by Bible believing Christians   who are under pressure today to compromise with humanistic liberals on this great doctrine of God’s creative power.

  1.  Secretary Danny Bailey presented the Minutes from the last Council Meeting which were approved as read.

  2. Rev. Lynn Maxwell provided a financial report provided by Mrs. Betty Stowe.  The report provided the financial activity from May 4, 2019 to our meeting today on July 20, 2019.

  3.  Lynn introduced Jonathan Adkins who gave us a summary of “Wrapped in Love’s” contributions to the community’s recovery after Hurricane Florence last September.  This ministry, which DHF of NC supports financially helped a total of 73 households by:

    1. Removing trees and debris from roofs

    2. Installing tarps over holes in those roofs to prevent further water damage

    3. Also removed downed trees from yards that were blocking access

    4. Worked 2 1/2 months 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM to accomplish the above

  4. When asked by the Council what were “Wrapped in Love’s” requirements that need to be met to be able to respond to another Hurricane this summer, if there is one, Jonathan reported:

    1. More short term volunteers immediately after a Hurricane

    2. Funding to stockpile a larger amount of tarps

    3. Funding to purchase rooftop safety equipment (harnesses, ropes, etc.)

    4. Funding to replace saw chains and accomplish maintenance on other equipment

  5. Lynn asked Jonathon to calculate a total cost to accomplish the ‘funding’ items above and DHF of NC would consider a donation to put “Wrapped in Love” back in a ready to respond status.  Jonathan agreed to provide this estimate to Council members by e-mail.

  6. DHF of NC Scholarship Fund:  Betty, who could not attend today’s meeting, had previously forwarded to Lynn a draft Disciple Heritage Fellowship of North Carolina Scholarship Guidelines for Continuing Education and a draft  Disciple Heritage Fellowship of North Carolina Scholarship Application Form with the changes recommended during our last Council meeting incorporated.  Lynn presented both of those documents to the Council which found no need for further changes.  Robert Reynolds moved that we adopt both documents with an effective date of July 20, 2019.  Keith Metts seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.

  7. Fall Gathering:  We began planning for our Fall Gathering with discussion of possible dates.  September 21 was picked as our primary, with September 7 as backup, and FCC Richlands as the location.  Potential speakers and musical groups were discussed.  Lynn agreed to contact DHF Decatur and ask if Wayne Kent, Rick Grace or another speaker from DHF Decatur could attend.  Jonathan suggested we may attract more younger attendees if we enlist a contemporary music group, and he volunteered his wife Mallory to contact some of those.  Lynn volunteered to contact ‘Steps to Glory’ and see if they are available.  The food will be catered by Piggly Wiggly again, and the ladies of member churches will be asked to furnish desserts.  Times, agenda and other details will be confirmed at our next meeting, or by email prior to September 21.

  8. Lynn requested all attendees to ask their home churches for ideas to further build fellowship, or of ways DHF of NC could better serve member churches.  Possibly Men’s and Women’s Fellowship groups that could rotate meetings at member churches to seek ministries that could be served.  Lynn also asked attendees to report the work of “Wrapped in Love” to their respective churches, and ask for volunteers to sign up to serve right after the next Hurricane.  Johnathan Adkins said he would be glad to visit Churches to speak about Wrapped In Love.

  9. Our next meeting, if needed, will be August 17, 10:00 AM at Pleasant Hill Christian Church.  We were dismissed with prayer by Rev. Kenny Connor.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Danny Bailey, Secretary



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