DHF Leadership Council Minutes from 8-19-2017

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met in regular session on Saturday, Jul.22, 2017 at FCC Richlands with all 7 council members present.  Rev. Bill Pollack from FCC Richlands also joined with us.  Rev. Betty Stokes provided the devotion based on 1 Kings 19:12; “and after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.”  Elijah was a great man of God, but even he got discouraged at times.  Elijah, and us, look for God to work in the midst of spectacular things , but this time God made it plain to Elijah that God was with him even in the small, quiet ways.  The still small voice, just a whisper from God saying “I’m here.”

Rev. Lynn Maxwell read the minutes from our last meeting on July 22, 2017.

  1.  Lynn asked the council what kind of banner they wanted for the upcoming Gathering.  The group would like a 5’ x 3’ banner with DHF of NC spelled out and our logo included.  The banner should have grommets across the top for hanging.  Pleasant Hill will acquire the banner.
  2. Rev. Dr. Gary Edens asked Rev. Roger Noble is Mrs. Debbie Metts had all the money she needed for her missionary trip, and Roger said that everything came together just at the right time and she had all she needed.  God is good!
  3. Rev. & Mrs. Grace will arrive on Friday afternoon between 2:00 – 3:00pm.  They will be departing on Sunday, Sep. 17th at 12:30 pm.  Due to the change in time, Rev. Grace will preach at the FCC Richlands early service instead of at Tuckahoe’s morning service.
  4. Lynn will make hotel reservations for two nights for them, and also reserve them a rental car.  Lynn will use the DHF of NC credit card to make the arrangements.
  5. FCC will order fried chicken, roast beef and the mashed potatoes for the fellowship meal.
  6. Rev. Gary Edens will present the membership Certificates to the DHF of NC churches.
  7. The council reviewed the five nomination forms submitted to fill the upcoming expired terms on the Leadership Council.  We will need four replacements instead of three.  Rev. Kim Holley has accepted an offer as the senior minister at Flora FCC in Flora, Indiana.  She will be leaving for her new call to service the week after our Gathering.
  8. The council reviewed the nominations and selected four names to be presented to the churches.  Betty suggested that churches vote on and approve the nominations prior to the Gathering in order to maintain the spirit of a worship gathering and not a business meeting.  Request Churches review and vote on the nominations as soon as possible.  At the Gathering we will affirm and install the new council members. Rev. Dr. Edens, our current council leader, will present a challenge to the council.
  9. Lynn confirmed with the group that Rick and Jane Vernon, along with the 902 Praise band will be leading our music worship at the Gathering.  The 902 Praise band will sing in the morning, and Rick and Jane along with the Praise band will sing old time Gospel in the afternoon session.  In order to maintain our schedule, we proposed that our music segment should be about 20 minutes for each session.  Lynn will confirm with Rick on the time schedule, and determine when they would like to do their setup up.
  10. Just a reminder that each church should use a sign-up sheet to identify the number of people attending the Gathering.  Churches should call/email/text Lynn by Sep. 11th so final arrangements for the food can be completed.
  11.   The next Leadership Council meeting will be set by the new Leadership Council sometime following the Annual Gathering.
  12. With no further business we closed in prayer asking God’s blessings on Kim’s call to her new church, and asking God’s blessings on our upcoming Gathering, and all that we undertake for the Kingdom of God.


Respectfully Submitted,




Lynn Maxwell

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