DHF of NC Gathering – Sep. 16, 2017

The Disciple Heritage Fellowship of NC (DHF of NC) Gathering was held on Saturaday, Sep. 16, 2017 at First Christian Church Richlands, in Richlands, N.C.  We were blessed to have approximately 90 persons in attendance, and had a wonderful day of worship, music, fellowship, great food, and inspirational preaching from Rev. Dr. Rick Grace from Spring Creek Fellowship, Springfield, Arkansas.  Rick was joined by his wife and Christian author, Nancy Grace.

Rick’s morning message was from Acts. 14:8 and titled “Staring Adversity Down.” Rick provided his sermon in a sentence that says; “Resilience is what will set my life and my testimony apart from others to the glory of God.”  The afternoon message was from II Timothy 2:1-6 and titled “Pay Attention To The Handoffs.”  His sermon in a sentence was; “The legacy of DHF of North Carolina will be determinded by how well this and each successive hand off goes.”  His message was appropriate since we are for the first time replacing four of our our original seven members of the Leadership Council.

We enjoyed contemporary Christian music by the 902 Praise Band and good old country Gospel by Rick and Jane Vernon, all from the 902 Church, Kinston, N.C.  Also in attendance, were Wayne and Leslie Kent, representatives from Disciple Heritage Fellowship from Decatur, Illinois.

Rev. Dr. Gary Edens, installed our four new members of the Leadership Council: Rev. Bill Pollack, FCC Richlanads; Rev. Kenny Conner, Amity CC; Mr. Robert Reynolds, Pleasant Hill CC, and Mr. Keith Metts, Tuckahoe CC.  Council members going off were; Rev. Dr. Gary Edens, Rev. Lynn Maxwell, Rev. Kim Holley, and Rev. Roger Noble.  Thanks for a job well done.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from our Annual Gathering for 2017.



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