DHF of NC Leadership Council Meeting Minutes from 7-22-2017

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met in regular session on Saturday, Jul.22, 2017 at FCC Richlands with six members of the council present.  In the absence of Rev. Dr. Gary Edens, Rev. Lynn Maxwell chaired the meeting.  Rev. Roger Noble presented a devotion based on Matthew 28:18-20, the Great Commission.  Roger told the story about a young lady who had an Irish-American boyfriend who was going home to Ireland to visit.  Upon his departure she gave him a harmonica and told him to learn to play it while he was away.  When he returned he rushed up to his girlfriend to give her a kiss, but before she would kiss him she asked him to play the harmonica for her.  She wanted to see if he had kept his mind on her request while he was away.  Jesus has commissioned us to go and make disciples.  Jesus expects us to obey his instructions while he is away.  Are we busy using our particular gifts for the Kingdom of God?

Rev. Lynn Maxwell read the minutes from our last meeting on June 3, 2017.

The group discussed plans for our upcoming Gathering to be held on Saturday, Sep. 16, 2017 at FCC Richlands, N.C.

Gary has confirmed that our guest speaker will be Rev. Rick Grace, pastor of Spring Grace Fellowship in Springdale, Arkansas.  We will need to arrange lodging and travel for Rick.

The food arrangements are as follows:

FCC Richlands will take care of meats.

Tuckahoe CC – vegetables

Amity CC – Desserts, plates, plastic ware, cups, napkins.

Otway CC – Drinks, tea, bread.

Unity CC – Salads, salad dressing.

Pleasant Hill CC – Vegetables, desserts

It was agreed that we would not have a DHF of NC cake as there would be ample desserts.

Pleasant Hill will provide a DHF of NC banner.

FCC Richlands will take care of registration.

Each church should use a sign-up sheet to identify the number of people attending the Gathering.  Churches should call/email/text Lynn by Sep. 11th so final arrangements for the food can be completed.

Time Schedule:

9:30 a.m.  –   Registration

10:00 a.m. –  Morning Worship

11:30 a.m. –  Lunch/Fellowship

12:45 p.m. –  Worship and Communion

2:00 p.m.   –   Going Out –  Being like Christ

The groups discussed various music groups for the event.  We will all work together to arrange a variety of music that will appeal to all age groups.

Rev. Kim Holley mentioned the youth group from Maysville as a possibility.  They have participated in various events at FCC Richlands.  They may help attract some of the younger people.

Lynn will contact the Rick Vernon from the 902 church and see what they may be able to offer.

Betty mentioned the Four In Christ as a possibility.

Jack mentioned a group called New Edition.

The group discussed having a mass choir from all the churches to sing a hymn, such as “Victory In Jesus.”  Danny Bailey will see if Kari Brinson might play for the choir, or if she’s not available then a piano player from one of our other churches.

Rev. Rick Grace would like to preach at one of our churches on Sunday morning.  Rev. Roger Noble said that he would be welcome to preach at Tuckahoe CC.

The group agreed to the word changes to the DHF of NC certificates.  Lynn will prepare them for the churches.

We have received five nominations to fill the three expiring terms on the leadership council.  The council is currently reviewing the list.  Lynn informed the council that he would be willing to continue to serve as Secretary but not as a voting board member.  The group was agreeable to this.

Mrs. Betty Stowe has agreed to remain as a member of the council and continue serving as our Treasurer.

Roger updated the council on the upcoming mission trip for Mrs. Debbie Metts.  Debbie is a mid-wife and will be going to Haiti in December.  She needs $5,000 by August. 15th.   She currently has pledges of $3,000.  The council voted to support Debbie with an offering of $1,000.00.

Betty encouraged council members that have a church Facebook page to go home and post something on their page about the council meeting and to mention the upcoming Gathering.

Our meeting was closed in prayer by Rev. Jack Mumford.


Respectfully Submitted,




Lynn Maxwell


NOTES:  Following the council meeting I talked with Gary and he indicated he would coordinate with Rev. Grace on travel and living accommodations.  Lynn is currently talking to Rick Vernon about him and Jane singing for us.  He is also going to talk with some of the 902 praise band to join them so that we could have a variety of music for all ages.  Currently waiting on a response from Rick.  Gary also noted that as off-going Council leader he would like to offer some words of challenge to the group.

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