Minutes of DHF of NC Leadership Council – May 4, 2019

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met at Amity Christian Church with seven members present:  Judy Rose, Keith Metts, Rev. Betty Stowe, Robert Reynolds, Rev. Ray Randall, Rev. Kenny Connor and Rev. Lynn Maxwell.

The meeting was opened by Pastor Lynn Maxwell sharing a devotional explaining we humans’ deep seated longing for fellowship with God, much as a swimmer when holding his breath under water for a long time, becomes more and more compelled to surface and breathe.  Lynn explained that as God’s creations, humans are never fully complete, and suffer a deep seated emptiness, without God in their lives.

  1. Secretary Danny Bailey presented the Minutes from the last Council Meeting which were approved as read.

  1. Lynn opened our next Agenda item: finalization of plans for our Spring Seminar scheduled for May 18th.

    1. Schedule – will remain as stated on the Flyer currently posted on the DHF of NC website.

    2. Registration – to be accomplished by Tuckahoe Christian Church

    3. Food – To be catered by Piggly Wiggly (including desserts)

    4. Advertising – Robert Reynolds will place ads in New Bern, Kinston and Jacksonville newspapers. Danny Bailey will place an ad in the Pamlico County Compass newspaper.

    5. Outreach to Other Churches – Local DHF of NC churches were asked to distribute the Seminar flyers to their neighbor churches.

    6. Other issues related to Seminar – Danny announced that due to a long scheduled (and paid for) vacation he, with many regrets, will not be here to hear David Rives.  He asked Lynn and Betty Stowe to act as David’s POC’s for his visit and they agreed.  He will pass all their contact data to David Rives Booking.

  1. DHF of NC Scholarship Fund: Betty provided attendees with a copy of Unity Christian Church’s Scholarship Guidelines that she had modified for possible use by DHF of NC.  A discussion ensued with pencil changes being made to ensure that an applicant is a member of a DHF of NC church, and additions to the final page of the application to collect the name of the recommending church, and the signature of its Pastor.  Betty agreed to modify the document as discussed, and forward it to Council members by e-mail for concurrence and approval.

  1. DHF Assembly in Illinois – Betty reported that a member from Unity had attended, and reported that the music was great, the sessions were interesting and informative, and was well worth the trip.

  1. Lynn asked all attendees to seek and pray for ways to spread the message about DHF of NC to other churches throughout the state. Several ideas were discussed, but there were no ‘Eureka!’ moments.  This agenda topic will be discussed in each subsequent Council meeting, so keep searching.  Our meeting was closed in prayer by Rev. Ray Randall.

Respectfully submitted,

Danny Bailey, Secretary

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