Minutes from Leadership Council Meeting on Feb. 16,2019

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met at First Christian Church Richlands with six members present:  Judy Rose, Rev. Betty Stowe, Robert Reynolds, Ray Randall, Rev. Kenny Connor and Rev. Lynn Maxwell.

The meeting was opened by Pastor Kenny Connor sharing a devotional emphasizing the need for having a response to temptation in place before the temptation occurs.  “If you ignore the rain, you may get wet….if you ignore God, you may wish you were wet!”  He used Joseph as an example of having an “escape plan” when he ran from Potifer’s wife leaving her holding his coat in her hand.

1.  Rev. Lynn Maxwell presented the Minutes from the last Council Meeting which were approved as read.

2.  Betty Stowe, Treasurer, provided a financial summary for calendar year 2018.

3.  Robert Reynolds opened the discussion with a request for nominations for a Council Leader. Pastor Kenny Connor nominated Rev. Lynn Maxwell, and Judy Rose seconded the nomination.  The vote was unanimous to accept Lynn as our new Council Leader.

4.  Lynn presented a list of recipients of Hurricane Florence relief funds from DHF of NC, and read thank you cards they had sent.  First Christian Church Decatur, Illinois sent a donation of $2,500 after Hurricane Florence that was used to help five families.  Bridgeton Christian Church was mentioned as possibly still needing assistance to fully recover.  Betty will check with Bridgeton Christian for their current status, and Lynn will try to contact their Pastor to offer to bring a DHF of NC presentation.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to pre-authorize Betty to donate up to $1,000 to Bridgeton Christian Church for flooding repairs if needed.

5  Betty reported that a member of Unity CC had suffered substantial flooding during Hurricane Florence, and was still struggling to complete home repairs. The Council agreed to send that member a $500 donation from DHF of NC funds.

6.  Lynn announced that Tuckahoe Christian Church is hosting a “Love and Respect” conference March 8th and 9th, and encouraged attendees to spread the word to their respective churches.

7.  Plan for 2019: Ideas were offered and discussed for possible ways to further the effectiveness of DHF of NC in 2019.  Some items discussed were seminars as follows:

  1. How and where to seek help after a natural disaster

  2. How and where to seek help for drug addiction

  3. Training on “Managing Your Money in a Godly Manner”
  4. Creationism in 21st Century IF it’s not too late to schedule David Rives to come speak in April or May. Danny will contact David Rives Ministries.Fall Gathering – We will ask Wayne Kent again to speak (he was scheduled last Fall but the Gathering was cancelled due to Hurricane Florence).


8,  DHF of NC Scholarship Fund: Betty furnished a copy of Unity Christian Church’s plan for Scholarships and explained its particulars.  Lynn asked Betty if she would revise the plan to apply to the Council’s desire to initiate a DHF of NC Scholarship Program for Seminary students.  Betty agreed and will provide a draft to the Council which will serve as a starting point.

9  Lynn asked all the attendees to encourage folks from their respective churches to attend the DHF National Conference April 5&6 at First Christian Church in Decatur, Illinois. Our meeting was closed in prayer by Lynn Maxwell.

Respectfully submitted,

Danny Bailey, Secretary

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