Leadership Council Minutes of 6-16-2018

The DHF of NC Leadership Council met with six members present at Amity CC.  Everyone enjoyed the fruit and delicious cinnamon buns provided by our host church.  We all were sad to see Rev. Bill Pollack retire from FCC Richlands and his leadership role on the Leadership Council.  In light of his departure, Elder Robert Reynolds of Pleasant Hill CC, the Vice-Council Leader presided over our meeting.  Rev. Kenny Conner from Amity CC opened with prayer and presented a devotion to our group on what the Bible says about our testimony.  Kenny noted that each of us has a personal testimony, and every church has a testimony also.  The Apostle Paul shared his testimony for Jesus Christ everywhere he went.  In Luke 15 Jesus tells the story about the shepherd who had 100 sheep but one had strayed from the flock.  The shepherd was compelled to go out and find that one lost sheep.  Jesus said “6 And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!’ 7 I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance.”  The church has a calling to go out and rescue those that are lost.  Jesus said in Matthew 5:13; “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.”  Kenny asked the question, “have we lost our salt?  Have we covered up our light?”  May the Church never forget its real mission.

  1. Lynn introduced Rev. Ray Randall from Richlands who was recommended by the board of FCC Richlands to fill Rev. Pollack’s vacancy on the council.  Ray has been involved in ministry to our Veterans and has shared in a “road side” ministry at highway rest stops.  Ray’s ministerial credentials have been approved by DHF.  He supports FCC Richlands as a Supply Minister when needed, and supports the church in whatever way he is needed.  The council affirmed Ray as a member of the Leadership Council and we look forward to having his participation and support.


  1. Betty Stowe gave the group a report on the National DHF Conference that she and her husband Lin attended at FCC Decatur, Ill. Betty noted that it was a very large church with 4-5 Pastors, with Rev. Wayne Kent as the Senior Minister.  There were several keynote speakers during the event:
    1. Michael Teneyck spoke on using your resources that are available.
    2. Kevin Ray and Linda presented a history of DHF.
    3. Kim Holley from FCC Flora, Ind. also spoke.
    4. Doug Harvey spoke on “Longevity in Ministry.”
    5. Dr. Tom Harris spoke on “Interim Ministry.”
    6. Wayne Kent spoke on a “Vision for DHF.”

Betty said that at supper time they broke up into small groups and went out to eat at pre-selected restaurants.  She noted that it was a very good experience.

  1. Dave Dummit spoke at the Saturday worship on the topic of “A Life That Matters,” and “Developing A Relationship With God.” Betty said they enjoyed the opportunity of visiting with people from other churches from across the country.  There were approximately 100 people from distant churches in addition to the fine people from FCC Decatur.  Betty and Lin, along with Steve Rogers from FCC Richlands really enjoyed the gathering and encouraged others to plan to go next year.


  1. Lynn Maxwell reviewed the minutes from our March 10, 2018 meeting. Betty gave the financial report.


  1. The Council discussed the results of our Spring Seminar on May 15, 2018 at FCC Richlands which featured Dr. Jim Fleming from LaGrange, Georgia. We had 71 persons in attendance for the day.  Betty noted that the people from Unity CC enjoyed the content of Dr. Fleming’s seminars, and also the good food.  Betty thought the overall quality of the speaker and the food was a good experience at a good price.  We did have several people complain that they couldn’t hear Dr. Fleming clearly.  Even with a microphone, his voice did not project well enough for some to get the full benefit of his presentation.  Overall, we received positive responses from those attending.


  1. Kenny Conner said he believed that we need to focus on more extensive advertising for future events. Even though Lynn Maxwell and Bill Pollack made a presentation on the TV show, “Down East Today,” we all feel that we need to promote our events with more direct advertising.


  1. The council discussed how to fill the position of the Council Leader since Bill left with over a year remaining on his term. Robert Reynolds indicated that he felt more comfortable in the Vice-Leader role and we didn’t get a volunteer from the remaining members.  Elder Danny Bailey, whose term expires this September volunteered to fill out Bill’s term if we could extend his term.  We all agreed to that at the meeting.  It would mean that we would have to issue an addendum to the Constitution to make it acceptable under the constitution.  See “Notes” below for further discussion on this matter.


  1. Lynn brought up the issue of our next Council meeting. Lynn has received an email from Lori Putnam who is Rev. Wayne Kent’s assistant.  Kent is the new Executive Director of DHF.  He plans to come down and preach at FCC Richlands on Sunday, Aug. 19th.  He is looking for the opportunity to meet with as many of our DHF of NC ministers as possible.  So, Lynn recommended that our next Leadership Council meeting be held on Sat., Aug. 18, 2018 at FCC Richlands.  That way Rev. Kent would have the opportunity to meet with us without further travel.  Lynn suggested that we invite all Council members and spouses, DHF of NC Church Elders and spouses, and any members who would like to meet and hear from Rev. Kent.  The group agreed to meet on that date.  Lynn will coordinate with Lori Putnam on any special arrangements needed.


  1. The Council discussed initial plans for our Fall Gathering. We came up with two potential dates:  Sept. 18th, and Sat. Sept. 22nd.  Lynn will coordinate with Dennis Jones to find out which Saturday the Jones County Heritage festival is scheduled for so we can avoid a conflict.  Dennis Jones indicated that the Jones County Heritage Festival will be on Sept. 18th, so we will try and schedule our Fall Gathering on Saturday, Sept. 22nd


  1. We discussed potential Gospel bands for the occasion. Council members will follow-up once we have a date locked on.
  2. We also suggested potential speakers for our event, and our first choice was Rev. Wayne Kent from FCC Decatur, Ill. Lynn will contact Lori Putnam to see if he would be willing to come.  We have other recommendations if Rev. Kent cannot attend.  See follow-up  “Notes” below for more information.
  3. Due to the location and seating capacity of FCC Richlands, it is our desire that FCC Richlands will again host our event. Ray Randall will check the church schedule and get back with us.  See follow-up “Notes” below for further information
  4. Everyone agreed that if FCC Richlands can host the event, we should once again have the Piggly Wiggly deli in Richlands cater the event. Everyone really enjoyed the food they provided at our Spring Seminar Gathering.


  1. The Council discussed the suggestion to establish a ministry scholarship fund. It was suggested we call it the “DHF of NC Ministerial Scholarship.”  Betty Stowe noted that since Unity CC has established a fund they had developed a set of rules to guide administration of the fund.  Betty will provide those to the council for review.







Respectfully Submitted,



Lynn Maxwell, Secretary







  1. para. 7.  After reviewing the Constitution and Bylaws and considering the current two expiring terms in September, I called Betty Stowe and Danny to discuss the issue.  Since there are only a few months left until Danny and Jack Mumford rotate off the council, we felt it was not a good idea to develop an addendum to meet our current needs.  We should allow Danny to rotate off and let the new council elect a leader.  I did discuss with Danny the possibility of him taking over as Secretary for the council and he was agreeable with that.  We will be going out for two nominees for the council very shortly and we will discuss this item at our next council meeting.


  1. para. 9.b. After coordinating through Lori Putnam, Rev. Wayne Kent has graciously accepted our invitation to speak at our Fall Gathering on September 22, 2018.  Final plans will move forward at our August meeting.


  1. para. 9.c. Ray Randal has verified that FCC Richlands is available for the date of our Fall Gathering.








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