Minutes of June 28, 2015 DHF of NC Workgroup Meeting

The DHF of NC Workgroup Meeting was held at Pleasant Hill Christian Church with 21 persons present. The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Lynn Maxwell, and the devotion was presented by Rev. Rick Vernon from the 902 Church in Kinston.

Lynn reported that he and Gary had visited with Cove City CC and made a presentation to the church on our fellowship. The Pastor of Cove City is Rev. Frank Witham. We were warmly received and enjoyed meeting with those gathered. Please pray for Cove City and their decision about joining with us.

Lynn asked the group to review and discuss the pros/cons of our first DHF of NC gathering that was held on April 25, 2015. Comments were as follows:

· Betty Stowe said she liked that we celebrated Holy Communion.

· Everyone thought the schedule was very good; from 9:00 a.m. till around 3:00 p.m.

· Everyone enjoyed the food, fellowship, and music.

· Church displays were popular.

· Everyone glad to see Campbell University there, and hoped that next time we could get Mount Olive University to attend.

· Based on the success of the previous gathering, Rick Vernon said he felt that attendance would be even better at the next one.

Our next topic of discussion was on what we would like to see in our next gathering. Comments are as follows:

· Rick Vernon said we should make every effort to include more youth in the next event. He also said we should plan for a breakout session for the young people and let them have something relevant to them.

· Let one of the services be more directed to the youth.

· Richlands indicated that the costs to FCC was around $600 – $800. Lynn suggested that the DHF of NC should pick up the costs for future events. Of course, this means that churches should be faithful in their financial support to the fellowship.

· Due to the size of the facilities at FCC Richlands, everyone thought the next gathering should also be at Richlands. Rick said that the 902 church would be going through major renovations in the near term and that maybe in the future the 902 church could host a gathering.

· Mara Adkins and Rev. Kim Holley suggested that it might be good to plan something for the women’s and men’s groups from each church to meet together to plan some kind of joint mission project. Kim noted that the women’s groups had historically been identified as the CWF and that maybe they might all want to come up with some other identification.

· A date was discussed for the next gathering and Nov. 7th at Richlands was agreed upon. Of course, this will have to be coordinated with all the churches before a firm date can be set. The workgroup seemed to believe that we should strive to have two gatherings a year if possible. Once the date is set we would call on representatives from each church to help plan the event.

The next item of discussion was to discuss the process we will put in place to move from our current working group to the leadership council as described in our constitution. We reviewed a copy of the constitution and then opened the floor up for discussion.

· Lyn Stowed and Rick Vernon felt like it was very important for the four ministers that led the development of the fellowship to remain in place for the first two years before any rotation of those individuals took place. They felt it was important to keep those individuals in place to train the other three who would be joining the leadership council. After the first two years a normal rotation should begin. The four individuals are: Rev. Dr. Gary Eden, Rev. Roger Noble, Rev. Betty Stowe, and Rev. Lynn Maxwell.

· In order to broaden representation, it was suggested that the other members come from the other churches currently in the fellowship. As per the Constitution, leadership council members should only come from those churches that have joined the fellowship.

· The details for accepting nominations from the other churches was not discussed. We solicit any comments from other churches within the fellowship on this matter.

It was agreed that our next working group meeting would be held on July 26th at 4:00 P.M. at Unity CC.

We received the membership form from Comfort CC, so “WE WANT TO OFFICIALLY WELCOME COMFORT CHRISTIAN CHURCH INTO THE DHF OF NC.” We look forward to working with and sharing in ministry with all of them.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Maxwell

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